You Are Not Common

You Are Not Common
May 13, 2010 Neil Kennedy

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”  -John Mason

Most people are so focused on what they are not, that they never realize the value of what they are.  Men often compare their abilities to the super-elites and then develop an insecurity that erodes their capabilities.

For years, I wanted to play a good game of golf.  I love the game.  I love the ambiance of a manicured course.  I enjoy the etiquette of the rules.  I like that golf is a gentlemen’s game.  However, I faced a personal challenge in my game.  The challenge was that I always wanted to play at a skill level that I had not reached.  Obviously, it made for a frustrating experience.  But once I settled into my skill level, I realized there are parts of my game that I do very well.  If I could develop those skill sets, my game would improve greatly.  When I began to hone my strengths and work around my weaknesses, I improved my overall game by ten strokes.

I see men who want to succeed in arenas for which they do not have a developed skill set.  They frustrate themselves and those who have to endure the consequences of their mediocrity.

My wife, Kay, made a great observation concerning people’s natural gifting.  She said, “I’ve noticed that gifted people often don’t recognize their gift because they assume that anyone can do what they can without effort.”

What a great observation.

Whether you know it or not, right now you are doing something right.  It is important to recognize and acknowledge what you have the natural ability to do.

Discover your gift.

What do you do naturally that others struggle to do?  What is easy for you? What brings you joy? What do others come to you for seeking advice?

Develop your gift.

Even the gifted need to be developed.  Who mastered what you can do?  How can you learn from them?  Did they write a book?  Did they make a recording?  Do they teach others?

Distribute your gift.

How can you make your gift a medium of exchange?  In other words, can your gift turn a profit?

Dedicate your gift.

When you realize that you have a gift, you often are humbled by it.  You know that only the Creator could have given you this for a purpose.  To remain balanced and keep things in perspective, ask God for wisdom concerning your use of the gift.  Don’t take it for granted.

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  1. Dusty Rhodes 13 years ago

    I read most every article posted on Fivestarman. This article helped me more than I can express. Since I was a young boy I dreamed of writing western books–an impossible dream. For 60 plus years, I dreamed my dream. Then, when I “retired”, I decided to try to satisfy my life-long dream by writing my first western book. The results were that my very first book was named the “BEST WESTERN NOVEL OF 2002” My dream became a reality! My first book was quickly followed by a second, which remarkably also became the best western novel of 2003. Since then I have written thirteen books. The moral of my story is this . . . God gives to each of us certain gifts and abilities. It took me sixty plus years to begin using the gift he intrusted me with. After years of searching, I finally discovered the gift He gave me. GOD IS GOOD!

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