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Introducing The Daily Champion Radio Minute with Neil Kennedy

When I was a desperate and naive young man about to embark on life — more than a little nervous about what I was going to do and where I was going to go — I picked up a copy of a book entitled, See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar.

Mr. Ziglar recommended reading one chapter of Proverbs a day for the corresponding day of the month. Doing so, he said, would help a simple person gain wisdom to be successful. Now, after 30-years of practicing this discipline, I am so grateful for Mr. Ziglar's advice.
- Neil Kennedy

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A one-minute word of encouragement for men.

Each day, Neil teaches from the ancient wisdom of Proverbs, which allows a man to transform the daily commute into the most important time of his day—empowering him to approach his job with a Divine calling and enter his home with an encouraging word.


Listen to The Daily Champion Minute and decide for yourself.

Each day thousands of men, read, listen, or watch The Daily Champion. Your listeners will thank you for this life-changing and empowering word of encouragement for men.


About Neil Kennedy

Neil Kennedy is founder of FivestarMan, an international movement of men. He is the author of several books including FivestarMan: The Five Passions of Authentic Manhood, Centurion Principle, Mother’s Guide to Raising a FivestarMan, God’s Currency, Speaking the Father’s Blessing, and The Seven Laws Which Govern Increase and Order. Neil has authored articles for scholarly journals and multiple magazines and publishes The Daily Champion for men. FivestarMan produces ChampionU.Life, a personal development curriculum for men. Neil and his wife, Kay have been married for 30 years, have three children, five grandchildren, and reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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