Purpose to Become a Champion

What’s the difference between a champion and the average Joe? Purpose. Passion. Determination. Champions do daily what average men do occasionally. So fire up your passion and your determination and purpose to be a champion this year. The FivestarMan Daily Champion is your source for positive change and a champion’s mentality.

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Introducing Our All New Just For Men Video Curriculum

It’s never been easier to engage, empower, and strengthen your men. FivestarMan Engage is a 5-Week Video Series that simplifies your life as pastor and leader. No lesson planning. No hassles. No waiting for materials to be shipped. Everything you need in one easy-to-use package.

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Square One Initiative

FivestarMan Square One Initiative and Training

The Square One Initiative is a grass-roots movement to resurrect authentic manhood. Your participation in the Initiative enables you to launch a local chapter of FivestarMan and provides you full access to the strategies, tools, and resources that FivestarMan has developed. Plus when you signup you will receive our Square One Training FREE OF CHARGE. Join today and get the Square One training today!

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Recent Articles

The Hand to Bless – Why A Man Should Never Strike A Woman

by Neil Kennedy I call it the Closet Principle: What you do in secret is what moves you in public. The Baltimore Ravens terminated the contract of running back Ray Rice after TMZ released a hotel elevator surveillance video showing the horrific knockout punch that he...

The Greatest Principle

Most of us have hear Einstein’s brilliant definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Unfortunately, as much as we’ve heard it, few have practically applied it into their lives.

Why We Need a Prophetic Voice to Speak to the Heart of Man

The last words of the Old Testament gives a dire warning that if we do not have a prophetic voice that speaks to the heart of man the land will suffer utter destruction. There is a kinetic relationship between Man and the earth. When Adam embezzled God’s property the earth was plunged into poverty, producing thorns and thistles. The Garden became fortified against Adam’s stealing hand.

8 Streams of Currency to Empower Your Life

What currency do you place your confidence in? If you want to start a lively debate, tackle the economic theory arguing which currency is best—dollar, yen, euro—or should we return to the gold standard? The reality is—a currency is only as good as the confidence it holds in our minds. Did you know you have the most valuable of all currencies on deposit within you?

You Need Sound Advice

Let’s face it, there is a lot of free advice available — blogs, wikipedia, websites, etc. — however, not all advice is good, factual, unbiased, or relevant to your current circumstances. When it comes to advice, it requires a good understanding of…

Finding My Father’s Heart

I can’t remember very much of my early childhood. There are faded glimpses of memories, a picture of playing near a stream in the back of the house trying to catch tadpoles, playing football in the field across the street, falling asleep in the barber’s chair. But one memory stands out with vivid clarity.

Don’t Blow a Gasket

Three Keys to Avoid Corrupt Communication by Keith Glines Have you noticed that the five passions of authentic manhood are intertwined? They seem to work together, creating synergy and momentum. For example, I’ve noticed that the entrepreneurial passion works closely...

20 Actions That Say, “I Love You.”

Love is expressed in action. Consider how women have responded when asked to complete this sentence: “I wish my husband would love me by…” By listening to me. By taking my ‘petty problems’ seriously. By communicating more openly with me. By noticing me more –...

The Starting Blocks of Manhood

It would have been an exciting time for me if I hadn’t had been so afraid. My start into manhood came upon graduation from High School. It was the right of passage. It was expected for me to simply go get a job and make a life. I left home with $35 and a 1966 Chevy...

The Adventure of the Outback

by Keith Glines My excitement began to build as the rearview mirror lost the sight of condos and the Gold Coast. The limitless horizon and countryside compelled me toward Kilcoy, Australia. I would be tracing the steps of adventurers like Steve Irwin and Crocodile...

Raise A Man

5 Keys to Training Your Son To Respect You, Himself, and Others by Neil Kennedy Recently, a video went viral on social media that represented the statement, “Be a Man!” as a completely negative attribute. The argument is that when boys hear the masculine mantra they...