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Welcome to the 45-Day Challenge!


During this Challenge you will discover the passions that God placed within you—the Five Passions of Authentic Manhood.

Over the next 45 days you will also unlock the purposes of authentic manhood. You will master your appetites. You will awaken your sense of destiny and become strong and courageous.

Men relate shoulder-to-shoulder facing a challenge. We're going to walk in agreement with you every step of the way.

Derek Draughon will be your daily coach through the 45-Day Challenge. Each day, he will inspire you and encourage you to conquer the day.

Neil Kennedy

Purpose · Precept · Principle · Practice

Each day we will focus on one of the five passions of authentic manhood.

  • GALLANT in Relationships
  • FAITHFUL in Character

We start with PURPOSE.
You were made on purpose and for a purpose, It is the WHY of your creation.

We establish the PRECEPT.
A precept is the established and foundational truth that is unchangeable, irrevocable, and eternal.

We interpret the precept into a PRINCIPLE.
Living by principles transforms our lives. Understanding and wisdom gives us directional intent.

We then put the principle into PRACTICE.
Once you understand the principle you can apply it to your life. You will be amazed at the transformation. This is the game-changer effect.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE may seem simple at times, at other times it may seem impossible.

It is important to provide feedback through your comments and participation in our polls.
Doing so will help stimulate your thinking. What you share is important. Your voice of authentic manhood will become strong and influential. You will encourage others!


Let's get started!

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