Bedding Ishtar

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Bedding Ishtar

The issue with Porn is not a new subject for men. However, few men realize that Porn is not just a private vice or a secret sin.

Porn is a spirit.

Porn is an ancient demon that is the spirit of pornography. When men view Porn they are not mingling with flesh and blood, they are commingling with a goddess named Ishtar.

Ishtar has slain her thousands. She has captured strong men. Although beautiful, she is not an innocent affair of the heart. She is a dominating spirit that will reduce her prey to nothing more than mere bread.

In this book, Neil Kennedy reveals why you can’t discipline yourself into holiness. It requires a deliverance from The Harlot. You will be empowered as a man to conquer Ishtar. You can resist her efforts and defeat her, if you have a heart of purpose and the courage to be strong and be a man.