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Description: 6″ x 9″; Paperback; 208 pages.
This Order Includes: Set of 10 Speaking The Father’s Blessing Books
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Set of 10 Speaking The Father’s Blessing Books

The power of the words a father speaks over his children cannot be measured. His words are spoken blessings — powerful seeds of greatness — which, when sown, will cultivate the incredible talents that lie within his children. The great patriarch Abraham demonstrated his faith by giving his children intentional direction for their lives. God’s covenant was secured because Abraham established the legacy of the promise to his children’s children.

This book will empower you to speak intentional direction over your children with 52 blessings and 365 promises from God’s Word. As you declare the blessings of God for your children, you can have confidence that He will watch over His Word to perform it.

“This book is a tool for a father to keep close at hand, using it weekly, even daily, to build his children’s lives.”
— Neil Kennedy