A FivestarMan is adventurous. Seeking new challenges with passion and determination, encouraging others to join in.

  • 7 Steps For The Daily Commute with God

    It was time for me to get a new Suburban. I had driven my 2004 GMC Yukon XL 457,000 miles.…

  • Finding Noah

    Men are inherently driven for discovery. Within us is the echo of our past and the summons of our future.

  • Defeat the Giant of Fear and Negativity

    David’s victory over Goliath took force. The soldiers and even King Saul had fear flowing so strongly around them that…

  • For Mothers of Sons

    This year has been a very special year for my wife, Kay, and I. Our first grandsons were born exactly…

  • Good vs Evil: Imagination vs Fantasy

    Our mind's ability to imagine is incredibly ingenious. However, if perverted, imagination often becomes fantasy and can destroy.