A FivestarMan is gallant. Courageous in battle, fighting passionately to defend the weak and less fortunate. He is gallant in his respect of women and heroic in his defense of children.

  • Holy Frustration

    The Gulf Coast has been devastated by the BP oil-well disaster. Any attempt to estimate the amount of damage this…

  • Pushing Through the Resistance of Authentic Manhood

    To be an authentic man means that you must decide to step out of mediocrity and into a more dignified…

  • How Dads Can Love Their Daughters

    As the father of two beautiful girls, I can certainly relate to the passion and instruction Mark Driscoll provides for…

  • video

    Friends: Part 3

    Derek continues his series on friends. When you and your brother (friend) have a disagreement, don’t take the grievance to someone else. Talk directly to your friend and you’ll be amazed how easily differences can be worked out.  Click here to view on YouTube.

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  • Fathers, Speak Life To Your Family

    When a Father speaks, his children are profoundly impacted by his words. We need to be extremely careful what and…