A FivestarMan is gallant. Courageous in battle, fighting passionately to defend the weak and less fortunate. He is gallant in his respect of women and heroic in his defense of children.

  • Men Look On the Outward Appearance

    A gallant man is properly groomed and appropriately dressed for every occasion.

  • Learning Wisdom From Other's Experience

    A man, who doesn’t read, has no advantage over a man who can’t read. The latter man’s ignorance is because…

  • Clean House

    Early in marriage I did something spontaneous that proved to be one of the best things that I could do…

  • 7 Ways to Make an Impression Upon Your Children

    Children have a way of remembering our mantras — those pithy statements we make that have substance. It’s always a…

  • Purposes Define Authenticity

    When a man understands his purposes, his life becomes a passionate pursuit of authenticity.