Day 36 | Adventurous Spirit

Don’t Waste A Crisis

“There went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath.”
1 Samuel 17:4

John F. Kennedy said, “Khrushchev reminds me of the tiger hunter who has picked a place on the wall to hang the tiger’s skin long before he has caught the tiger. This tiger has other ideas.”

Giants are opportunities that cause the weak to flee and the bold to arise.


1. Great Wealth

  • Your rewards are in direct proportion to solving problems.
  • Look for problems that others are ignoring.
  • Look for residual pay for problems solved today.
  • You will never become rich while remaining comfortable.
  • The only difference between your future and the present is the challenges that you are willing to face.

2. Special Status

  • Influence is a greater currency than money.
  • Influence is not fame.  Fame is fleeting.  Influence is legendary.
  • Influence is a key that opens great doors of opportunity.
  • Influence ushers you into a room of great men.

3. Royal Lineage

  • A decision today can affect your descendents forever.
  • Stepping up to the challenge can redirect your future.
  • The prophecies and promises of your childhood will be revealed on the field of contest.

When you step onto the field of contest, resist the fear of the challenge; you will reveal the anointing that lies deep within your manhood.  Be strong!  Show yourself a man.


Look for a problem.  Identify it.  Think about it.  How can this be solved?  Is it something that can be made to return a residual income?  Find a problem today.


  1. Brandon on November 27, 2020 at 11:34 am

    This is a big one that appears to align with previous goals. I have been working hard at this throughout the year. I plan to keep working hard to build influence as this appealing to me.

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